In Otherland

- by Ieva Saudargaite
A Piece of Beirut
Every time people leave this city, Beirut becomes wider and grows further. They take a piece of this city with them, and they become a part of Beirut there, further away from it geographically maybe, but in the “Allo, Beirut?” Exhibition, they have their place.
Share with us photographs and information about the people you love who left and joined the diaspora so that they remain a part of Beiruts story.

We all have videos of Beirut that we shot post October 17; Moments that we captured in time.

Share any of your footage with us and get it featured in the allo, beirut exhibition. Let your footage become part of Beiruts visual history!
Send your videos to

The project aims to explore the underlying symptoms and repercussions of a nation.

Opening hours:
Noon to 8:00 PM - Wednesday to Sunday
Beit Beirut, Sodeco
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